PT. Coco Tanto Indonesia is a company belonging to Kuzindo Utama (Group), which is a general manufacturing and trading company concentrating in the field of processing coconut shell charcoal , briquettes shisha and BBQ, hardwood charcoal for BBQ, as well as trading in accecories for shisha /hookah kit. The mother company Kuzindo Utama was founded by Mr. Kustanto in August 1, 2010. It is incorporated with bussines licence number SIUP : 510/979/INDAG.2/416-207.3/2011

The company continues to capture opportunities and develop Indonesia’s resource potential to bring value-added charcoal briquettes for shisha or BBQ, and coconut shell charcoal with own brand COCO TANTO to the market

We have exported our charcoal to several countries, including Germany, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Canada, England, Kuwait, Iraq, etc.

Our Vission

Become a global scale charcoal and briquette company and become a market leader by creating value and difference!

Our Mission

We are committed to our core values of quality, honesty, loyalty, trust for progress and shared prosperity

A word from the CEO

When we first started the business charcoal  in 2011, the first thing which we had considered was, how can we stand out and make a difference in the charcoal industry?

With our more 7 years of experience, we have seen its highs and lows, opportunities and threats. And we have learned that in order to earn the trust of new partners you have to give them unparalleled value which in turn helps to build trust. Trust then becomes the foundation on which long-term relationships are built and that drives growth, specially in Charcoal briquettes industry.

Our promise
Sustainability.  Quality.  Progress and Honesty

Mr. Kustanto 

Founder & CEO