Easy Steps To Use Black Tanto Binchotan

  • Soak in drinking water for 2-8 hours
  • Enjoy fresh mineral water with PH8 + (Alkaline Water)
  • Every 2 weeks you boil your charcoal for 10 minutes
    to clean up from faksin and chemicals absorbed during filtration
  • Each Black Tanto Binchotan stem can be used repeatedly for up to 3 months

For more than 300 years, binchotan / white charcoal was known as the best active person in the world and only produced in Khisu Japan, but now Indonesia has been able to produce Binchotan Charcoal with the best and hardest wood in the world. and this makes Binchotan’s quality from Indonesia very good compared to other countries.
In the modern era, Binchotan Charcoal is not only used for burning BBQ. but a Black Tanto Binchotan can produce mineral water that is of the same quality as alkaline water in a very easy way

Where does Binchotan Charcoal come from?

Also known as White Charcoal, Binchotan Charcoal is a type of Activated Charcoal that has been traditionally made for over 300 years by charcoal makers in the Kishu province of Wakayama in Japan. Perfecting a technique that produced charcoal of extraordinary purity, they used the extra hard Ubame Oak that grew in the forested hills of Kishu, carefully and sustainably choosing branch clippings, stacking them inside large kilns built into the mountains and then burning them at low temperatures over several weeks to control the Oxygen flow. Lastly, they increased the temperature inside the kiln to above 1200 degrees and monitored the colour of the smoke. Once it was clear, all impurities had been burnt away.

Binchotan Charcoal is nearly 100% carbon. Called White Charcoal due to the white ash residue, the name ‘Binchotan’ came from a famous charcoal artisan, Binchoya Chozaemon. The secret Binchotan process eventually became known in other parts of Japan, but Kishu Binchotan remains the finest, densest and purest form and is still handmade through a process passed down through generations.

How does Binchotan Charcoal work?

In the 20th Century, scientists began to study the benefits of Binchotan and its properties, finding that it had a micro-porous structure with 270 square metres of internal surface in each gram. Through a process of ‘adsorption’, whereby particles are attracted and adhere to the surface, the pores cleanse the environment by adsorbing gases from the atmosphere, electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies as well as chlorine and heavy metals from water. Radiation is also weakened as it passes through Binchotan. Binchotan creates ‘good energy’ by giving off negative ions. Negative ions are atoms that carry a negative electric charge which attracts positive ions in the air, such as carbon dioxide molecules. An excessive amount of positive ions in the environment can affect respiratory function and cause fatigue. Binchotan adsorbs these positive ions and instead releases the negative ions found in natural energy such as waves, waterfalls and thunderstorms.

How can Binchotan benefit your health and home?

Filter and alkalise water
Whole Binchotan sticks can be placed into water to purify it and remove chemicals and heavy metals found in tap water. With a ratio of 50 grams per litre, Binchotan can be placed in a water jug or bottle and left in the fridge overnight to purify and alkalise the water. This natural alkaliser can be used for around two months before needing to be replaced, and can be boiled in water every two to three weeks to remove the absorbed chemicals and refresh the sticks. The Black and Blum Glass Water Bottles contain Activated Binchotan Charcoal Sticks in each bottle to absorb chlorine, balance pH levels and create pure water that the whole family can enjoy! Best of all, after six months of use the sticks can be replaced with fresh new ones!